Tundra Rotax Tundra LT Rotax 600 EFI Charger 1.5, Tundra LT


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Manufacturer: Ski-Doo
Model Year:  2023
Model:  Tundra LT 600 EFI ES Charger 1.5
Model Code:   GDPC
Color:   Black
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REV Gen4 Platform skidoo tundra rotax Lightweight, strong and durable, built to maximize flotation and traction, while providing the precise handling and benefits of the open cockpit design. Maximum capability on- and off-trail.
SPORT-UTILITY VERSATILITY skidoo tundra rotax SC-5U Rear Suspension Our sport-utility suspension. Refined ride both on trail and on top of powder. Articulated rail to maximize deep snow traction in reverse or locked out when towing.
 Tundra rotax LTS Front Suspension

Industry-exclusive telescopic front suspension enables a large, flat belly pan for exceptional deep snow flotation.

Tundra LT,   DEPEND ON IT Reliable Tundra LT sleds are powered by two of our most economical and reliable Rotax engines: the 600 EFI 2-stroke and 600 ACE 4-stroke. Both offer renowned efficiency, reliability and unmatched ease of owne Tundra LT.  sleds are uniquely designed to go places most vehicles can’t. Paramount is its LTS telescopic front suspension that enables a wide and flat belly pan the sled easily slides on top of snow and over obstacles like a toboggan.Features may include:

Tundra rotax  Reliable Efficiency Two easy to own, reliable and fuel-efficient choices. 60 hp (600 ACE) or 85 hp (600 EFI) versions ensure great performance and an incredible value. Observed HP metric based on internal dyno test in optimal conditions.


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